Every stall is booked the day I want to be in Kolaportid. Is there any possibility that any stall free up?

There is always a possibility, our stall setup can always change or that somebody is absent. If you want to get on the waiting list, you can click on the desired date in the booking process and there you can register your email address on the waiting list. Note that our emails could end up in the spam folder. It is also possible to follow us on Facebook:


Facebook page of Kolaportid


I'm trying to book a specific date but nothing works?

If the date is colored gray or unpigmented, it is either not activated for that date or not available (eg weekdays). If the date is colored red then every stall is ordered that day.


How many weeks in advance is booking open?

The general rule is that we take orders up to two months ahead.

What is the size of the stalls?

The stalls are 2,45 m x 2,45 m = 6 square meters. The tables are 2.20 x 80cm. A common size of a clothes rack is 1.4 m high and 1.5 m in length.

How many clothes racks or tables stand can I fit in a stall?

In our opinion, the maximum is 3 extras (tables / racks) in each stall.

Can I change the date or cancel my order?

It is not possible to change the order. It is only possible to cancel the order and get a refund. Cancellation of the reservation cost 1,000. kr. Cancellation of orders is subject to approval of our staff. Kolaportid reserves the right to refuse requests for refund. Note that Kolaportid refunds only to the credit card as a dealer may not refund in cash if the cardholder paid by credit card.


Why do I get the following error "Please select a stand"?

Part of the stall reservation process is the choice of location. Below the box where a person registers their phone number is text: "Veldu bás(a)" When you click on the text it brings up an overview of Kolaportid and reveals what stalls are available. If no image appears then the most likely explanation is that your browser does not support Flash. Try another browser or another computer.


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