A stall for used product, one day.

10.200 kr

A stall for used product, one weekend.

14.400 kr

A stall for new product, one day.

12.000 kr.

A stall for new product, one weekend.

17.250 kr.

Cancelling an order.

1.000 kr.



The price for a stall in C costs 2.000 kr more and the price for a stall in G costs 2.000 kr less.


Stalls for crafts are the same price as stalls for used products.


If booking is made at our office there will be charged additional 1800 kr booking fee. It is therefore advantageous to order online.



The price of individual stalls can be other than the price shown in the table above. If so, the price is indicated in the order process and it is always clear what the final price will be before the payment is made.

Stall extras:

Table kr. 1100 - clothes rack kr. 1100 - if you order online as soon as the order stands occurs.

Table kr. 1300 - clothes rack kr. 1300 - if booked locally.

Hangers 10 in a bundle kr. 250

Bag Bundle 50 pcs in a bundle kr. 600 (size 30/10 x 60 cm)

Bag rolls 200 pcs. on roll, kr. 600 (size 21/12 x 47 cm)

Tenants are welcome to bring their own tables or clothes rack.

Payments for tables and clothes rack are only made once. So those who have a stall for the weekend only pay once.

Included in the rent is 24% VAT

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